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Jaccard Refrigerated Mixer / Grinder

Jaccard Refrigerated Mixer / Grinders

Wide range of economical, versatile mixer grinders capable of mincing and mixing for any size processor. Ideal for large and small processors producing minced meats and mixtures for sausages, hamburgers and fillings.

  • Programmable to mix for time and alternating mix direction
  • Tank & mix chamber refrigeration ensures product quality.

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Meat Tenderizers

Jaccard Meat Tenderizers

Model Super-3 & Super-1 (Mini)

A kitchen must. For any and all meat preparation.


  • Easy to use
  • Triple action tenderizer with 48 stainless steel saber blades set in 3 parallel rows of 16, (Supper-3)
  • 1 row of 16 blades (Super-1)
  • The Jaccard mechanical tenderizer makes any boneless cut of pork, veal, fish, lamb, chicken, steak, roast butter-tender
  • Reduces cooking time up to 40% - saves energy
  • More flavor; less shrinkage
  • Excellent for marinated meat
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack only)
  • Use with cutting board
  • Protective cover
  • No loss of natural juices
  • Money fully refunded if not satisfied and if machine is returned within thirty days

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Jaccard Planus Patty Former

Fully automatic patty forming machines with outfeed conveyor and paper interleaving system. Ideal for meat, fish, soy bean and other products. Maximum capacity is 3,200 patties per hour. Various patty forms available. No tools required for cleaning

  • Easily change weight or dimension of patty
  • Hands free operation allows operator to pack product immediately

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Strip Slicer Model FS-19

Jaccard Strip Slicers

Model FS-19

Economical high speed rotary blade slicers that are well suited for cutting product into 4mm to 36mm strips. Ideal for jerky, fajitas, stir fry, liver, poultry and vegetables. Constructed of stainless steel. Can also be used for dicing. Rated at 1,500 pounds/hour.

  • High volume capacity in economical, compact design
  • Simple sanitation; no tools required to clean
  • Simple operation minimizes need for skilled labor
  • “Plug N’ Play” design minimizes installation time and costs

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