Jaccard Meat Tenderizers

Using Tenderizer Sketch

Operating instructions Super-1 (Mini) & Super-3

  1. Place meat to be tenderized on cutting board.
  2. Remove cover and gently press machine over top of meat. Avoid all bones. Repeat operation covering full area 4-5 times or as often as desired. CAUTION Extremely sharp blades. Replacement blades available.
  3. For thicker cuts of meat, repeat on other side.
  4. Once meat is tenderized, cooking time will be reduced up to 40%.
  5. Tenderizer can be cleaned without disassembling with hot running water or place in the dishwasher. Before using the machine for the first time, it is recommended that it be cleaned.
  6. Occasionally oil two main columns with either salad oil or mineral oil.
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